Hey there! I am Anna..

Welcome to my website and my first post. As you may have noticed, I live and breathe all things Nutrition (my friends and family will vouch for that … You will often catch me talking about poo and gut problems, IBS, PCOS, fibre, butter, overeating, ranting about fad diets, and so on and so forth, and I am genuinely sorry for that, in case they didn’t enjoy it, which I can’t imagine they wouldn’t?!)

However, on a bit of real note, I’ve been suffering with an imposter syndrome lately, self-doubting, losing trust in myself, my passion and knowledge. My greatest fear is to be seen as just another ‘Nutrition Guru’, drinking my green juice and talking about things that don’t matter.

As such, I thought I’d write a little bit of introduction about myself so that you could see my passion but equally my human imperfections and life experiences, that I tried to channel to become healthier and more respectful of myself.

I became interested in Nutrition when I finally decided to take control of my life, and stopped blaming my genes, upbringing or my life situation. I was at my heaviest 99.9kg (15 st 7lb) during the last year of University when the pressures of securing employment and making good grades were at their peak. I was eating lots of cheap, processed foods combined with all the sugary sweets you can think of, on a daily basis.

My diet lacked healthy variety and my poor kitchen had never seen any enthusiasm! I was getting fed up, on the verge of giving up, thinking that I’d never be able to lose the weight and I’d better just accept it. I simply could not imagine going a day without eating Club Mint chocolate biscuits after dinner and watching TV. My energy levels were so low that I could not imagine doing anything else!


Finally, in 2016 at a friends’ wedding, after a few glasses of wine I found some courage to book myself in to run a ‘Race for Life’ Pretty Muddy 5k run with obstacles for Cancer Research. This prompted me to make a few dietary changes and start training.  I told myself that I would be racing for myself, my health and my future because NO ONE ELSE was going to do it for me. This message kept me going during the training and a few years on I still see it as my motto.

My life changed dramatically not just physically but mentally as well. I’ve built a healthy lifestyle, gained enough confidence to try new sports, walk and run for miles, met lots of amazing, like-minded  people, and inspired those around me to keep fit and stay healthy.

Currently, I am a Certified Nutritionist, continuing to learn and striving for new heights. I would love to use this platform to share my Nutritional knowledge, occasional bad jokes, personal struggles and experiences. We are all so similar in our struggles that I sincerely hope you will find some of it useful, that would be praise enough for me!

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